Guru Services

My One-to-One service also provides telephone support. We can share computer screens so I can help you remotely.

One-to-One: If you’re unable to attend a class or if you just need some assistance about a specific topic, a One-to-One arrangement may be right for you. My iPad/iPhone Assurance Plan lets you have three hours of prepaid dedicated time to use in whatever way best fits your needs.


I’m happy to come to you to help with a program, fix a printer, or help you get your device organized.

House Calls: Need help getting your new printer set up and working? Do you have a good backup system for your computer and other devices? Maybe you have a number of small irritations you’d like to resolve. I’ll come to your home and get things working, and I’ll explain how to keep them working. There is no charge for reasonable travel time.


Some good food, good friends, and learning some things you didn’t know makes an excellent gathering.

House Parties: 
A unique gathering for friends, neighbors, or work-mates: Enjoy wine, snacks, and conversation, then I’ll do a presentation on your chosen subject. Topics include iPhone photography; using iOS devices to research and plan travel; apps for genealogy, cooking, and more; and organizational tools including calendars, reminders, maps, etc.