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iPhone Basics

Wednesday, 10:30AM to Noon, October 24, 31, and November 7, 2018
Location: NEST offices, 7736 24th Ave. NE, Seattle .
Fee: NEST member: $30; NEST volunteer: $35; General public: $40
To register, call the NEST office at 206-525-6378.

iPhone Basics is a comprehensive introduction to the most useful — but sometimes perplexing — features and functions of your iPhone. You will learn about the settings, how to personalize your phone, and how to use iCloud. By the end of the class, you’ll also know how to transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer, how to share them with friends, and much more.
These classes will help you feel more competent and confident about using your iPhone.

About the Classes
The classes are small, usually no more than 8 to 10 people. I know that after 90 minutes, it gets difficult for many folks to concentrate. And week to week in a series of classes, you will have forgotten some things, so we spend time reviewing topics from earlier classes.

Coming Classes
Here are some of the other classes I offer. I’m looking for sponsoring facilities and organizations, so please share your thoughts.

iPad Basics
Similar to iPhone Basics with special emphasis on the iPad.

iPhone Photography
The best camera is the one you have with you.” Learn how to use the iPhone features and capabilities to capture amazing images.

How to Use the Apple Watch
2 weeks, 90-minute classes
Dates, times, and location to come soon.

The Apple Watch does so much more than just tell time. Learn to take and make phone calls, play music, use Siri to set reminders and get directions, and more — all without your phone. Your watch can also help track your daily movement and coach you, to help you reach your personal activity goals.

50 Nifty Hints, Tips, & Tricks
1 week, 90-minute class
Dates, times, and location to come soon.

A collection of hints, tips, and links to make life — and technology — easier and more fun. Topics include apps, security, battery life, photography, Internet tools, email, and how to make Siri your friend.  You’ll go home with a handout that lists all the tricks including links.