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I’m often asked, “Should I install this update?” My rule of thumb is to wait and see what others are saying. Most often, there are few problems with an update. But occasionally, many people are having problems and the internet is full of tales of woe. That’s when you want to hesitate. I will let you know when updates are available and what I’m hearing about them. I may tell you to wait, and I’ll also tell you when it’s safer to go ahead.

I keep a close watch on the press coverage of smartphones, tablets, and computers. Most of it can be quite technical and probably of little interest to the everyday user. But from time to time, I find an article I think you would really enjoy and I’ll post it to my blog. I’ll give you a short synopsis and a link to the article. Take it or leave it.

Finally, once in a great while, there are sales that are simply too good to miss. I will let you know about them also.*

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* I have no vested interest in any third party serving the Apple community. The information I provide about sales, rebates, and other specials are purely for my clients’ benefit and I do not profit from that activity.