Should You Update?

There are significant updates this fall — Mojave, the new Mac operating system, iOS 12 for the iPhone, and Windows 10 version 1809. Should you update?
My quick answer: If things are working for you now, you might want to wait for more bug-squashing updates, unless you need the enhanced functionality in the new versions. More details below.

iPhone Basics class openings

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Updates, updates, updates — what to do, what to do? 

Let’s look at iOS 12 first.
Released on Monday, September 17.

Some complaints revolve around a perceived poor calibration of the screen and photographs. So if you are editing your photos on your device, you may be throwing away good shots and keeping poor ones. Battery life is an issue for some people, as are issues with battery charging, Bluetooth, and wi-fi.
Apple has put out an update to address some of these issues, so if you have installed iOS 12, do install the 12.01 update also.

I’ve been running iOS 12 on all of my devices since the release, and I have no complaints. There’s a lot to like in iOS 12 — for instance, a more useful do-not-disturb function and a real-world measuring tool. So all things considered, I’m neutral on updating at the moment. As always, make a complete back-up and update at your own risk.

Macintosh, Mojave, OS 10.14 
Like any new OS, Mojave has received rants and raves. Some people have trouble installing it in the first place. There are issues with slow boot-up and performance, some apps not running, and a few privacy issues. A beta version addresses some of these issues, but there’s no word yet about the final release to the public.
Again, I would say I’m neutral on updating at this time. Bear in mind that thousands of people are running both new operating systems without any trouble. But if you’re in the ain’t broke, don’t fix it camp, you’ll probably want to wait.

Windows 10, version 1809
Some of the most common complaints include failure to install the update at all, broken audio, and post-update loss of network connectivity. But perhaps the most serious issue is that some users report missing files after they’ve updated.
Fortunately, this update is designed to download automatically but notautomatically install. Make sure that your system settings prevent updates from automatic installation. And check regularly for more updates.

I don’t feel qualified to make a recommendation about the Windows 10 update. So again I say Hold, unless issues and features in the new version overshadow the potential for problems.

I hope this information is helpful. I wish it were more certain. But if I could be that sure, I’d be one of the Motley Fools telling you where to invest your money.


Got a creative urge or professional design tool need?

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How to improve your photography – an article & a Guru tip

If you want to be a better photographer, you need to take a lot of photographs.Taking a lot of photographs can be tough. You’ll say “But what should be taking pictures of?” Here’s a great article from called An Easy Street Photography Project to Get You Out There .

While the article says you don’t need to get up close and personal with strangers, one technique I’ve often used to overcome my shyness at photographing people is to approach them slowly and quietly holding your camera about the middle of your chest.  when they notice you, smile and say something like: “Excuse me, I’m in a photography class and our assignment this week is taking pictures of people. Would you let me take your picture, please?”

More often than not they will smile and enthusiastically agree, perhaps posing for you but you can ask them to go back to the positions they originally had or what they were doing. They will be very compliant and patient while you take a variety of pictures from different positions and poses. This is a good time to make sure you use the “Live” function on you camera.

After you’ve taken some pictures, your subjects will want to see what you go. Be familiar with tapping the small square thumbnail image in the lower left to switch to Photos so yo can show them. (The arrow in the upper left corner of the Photos screen will return the iPhone back to camera mode.)

Finally, be sure to cover the lens of the camera and take 5 or 6 black pictures so when you are showing folks their pictures you don’t accidentally scroll past theirs and start knowing them someone else that you have earlier taken pictures of. That could just be a little embarrassing.

3 new iPhone models soon?

The Internet is getting pretty crowded these days with rumors, leaks, and “I swear it’s true!” tories.

Today, Tom’s Guide tells us there are three new iPhone models on the immediate horizon.

Elsewhere we are being told Apple is soon to release a moderately priced laptop.

Exciting stuff, huh?


How to record your iPhone screen

There may be times when you’d really like to record what’s going on on your iPhone screen without a lot of extra software or hassle. There may be times when you’d really like to record what’s going on on your iPhone screen without a lot of extra software or hassle.

There may be times when you’d really like to record what’s going on on your iPhone screen without a lot of extra software or hassle. There may be times when you’d really like to record what’s going on on your iPhone screen without a lot of extra software or hassle. Continue reading “How to record your iPhone screen”

Let me keep you informed

I’m often asked “Should I install this update?” My general rule of thumb is to wait and see what other people are experiencing. Most often there are only a few problems with an update. But there are occasions when numerous people are having problems and the Internet is full of tales of woe. That’s when you want to hesitate. I will let you know when updates are available and what I’m hearing about them. If I tell you to wait I will also tell you when it’s probably safe to go ahead.

Continue reading “Let me keep you informed”