How to improve your photography – an article & a Guru tip

If you want to be a better photographer, you need to take a lot of photographs.Taking a lot of photographs can be tough. You’ll say “But what should be taking pictures of?” Here’s a great article from called An Easy Street Photography Project to Get You Out There .

While the article says you don’t need to get up close and personal with strangers, one technique I’ve often used to overcome my shyness at photographing people is to approach them slowly and quietly holding your camera about the middle of your chest.  when they notice you, smile and say something like: “Excuse me, I’m in a photography class and our assignment this week is taking pictures of people. Would you let me take your picture, please?”

More often than not they will smile and enthusiastically agree, perhaps posing for you but you can ask them to go back to the positions they originally had or what they were doing. They will be very compliant and patient while you take a variety of pictures from different positions and poses. This is a good time to make sure you use the “Live” function on you camera.

After you’ve taken some pictures, your subjects will want to see what you go. Be familiar with tapping the small square thumbnail image in the lower left to switch to Photos so yo can show them. (The arrow in the upper left corner of the Photos screen will return the iPhone back to camera mode.)

Finally, be sure to cover the lens of the camera and take 5 or 6 black pictures so when you are showing folks their pictures you don’t accidentally scroll past theirs and start knowing them someone else that you have earlier taken pictures of. That could just be a little embarrassing.

How to create unique passwords you’ll never forget

If you’re getting tired of constantly having to make up passwords, keep track of passwords, or worrying about what might happen if you use the same password on multiple websites, here’s how to create unique passwords you’ll never forget, you’ll never have to write down, and that pass tests for strength.

1. Start by choosing a favorite 3- digit number. One that you will never forget. It might be the number of the house where you grew up, it could be the first three digits of your Social Security number, or it could be the year you got married.

House number that you grew up in  = 817
Start of your Social Security #= 612
The year you got married = 983.  (1983)

What you want is a number that you’ll always remember.

2. Take the domain name or the URL address of the website you need a password for and drop the “www” at the beginning and the com, org, or guru at the end. Take the first 6 letters             becomes   setapp               becomes   amazon   becomes   ipadip

3. Now tuck the first number of your three-digit number in after the first two letters. Tuck the second number and tuck it in after the next two letters. Then take the last number and place it after the final two letters.

For example, the company named SetApp might join with  817 and become se8ta1pp7.

What about a company with only 5 characters in their name, such as Apple. Add the letter “z” to the end: ap8pl1ez.

And companies with an abbreviated name uses the proper name.
HP = Hewlett   (Hewlett-Packard)
UPS = United (United Parcel Service)

4. Finally many websites require additional characteristics in a password. So just capitalize the first letter and use a number sign (#) at the very end. So the unique password for the SetApp company would be Se8ta1pp7#

This may look complicated at the first but you will be able to read the domain name at the top of your web browser address and add this the other elements, such as your unforgettable number and other additions (capitalize the beginning, add a number sign at the end), I think you’ll find this is fairly simple to use and will yield passwords that are secure.

Here are some sites to test the strength of a password.
(Using the password built from the guru domain: Ip9ad8ip3#)
4 years
6 years
97% – Very strong
Very strong
23 years

Hey Siri Is a Massive, Growing List of Everything You Can Ask Siri To Do

If you’re not using Siri for at least some things, you’re missing out on a powerful tool. Granted, one can feel somewhat silly talking to your iPhone. I know I did at first. But once you get over that and you learn some of the commands that are helpful for you, I think you’ll find it’s not so silly after all.

When I decided I would really make an effort to start using Siri, I started using Siri to set a timer for me. (I’m the cook in the family.) So it became very easy for me to say “Hey Siri, set a timer for15 minutes.” and Siri would answer back “Okay, 10 minutes and counting.”

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t provide a complete listing of all the things you can say or ask Siri. From, here’s an almost complete list of everything Siri can do for you.

Everything you can ask Siri to do.