About the Guru

People often ask “How did you learn all this?”
I’ve been working with computers since 1984, when I bought my first Macintosh. I became an Apple ambassador, and — along with several others who also bought that early Mac — I helped start the Downtown Business Users Group or DBUG, which continued for more than 30 years.

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A few years ago, I saw that a lot of seniors have questions about their smartphones, tablets, and computers. They are frustrated because they can’t understand how to use their devices. And their wizard-grandchildren won’t or can’t take the time to teach them.

To help those frustrated folks, I started offering classes through senior centers and lifetime learning programs. And I discovered that I have a knack for teaching and I really love it. I’m patient, I don’t use jargon, and I’m not satisfied until I see the light of understanding in your eyes.

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