Should You Update?

There are significant updates this fall — Mojave, the new Mac operating system, iOS 12 for the iPhone, and Windows 10 version 1809. Should you update?
My quick answer: If things are working for you now, you might want to wait for more bug-squashing updates, unless you need the enhanced functionality in the new versions. More details below.

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Updates, updates, updates — what to do, what to do? 

Let’s look at iOS 12 first.
Released on Monday, September 17.

Some complaints revolve around a perceived poor calibration of the screen and photographs. So if you are editing your photos on your device, you may be throwing away good shots and keeping poor ones. Battery life is an issue for some people, as are issues with battery charging, Bluetooth, and wi-fi.
Apple has put out an update to address some of these issues, so if you have installed iOS 12, do install the 12.01 update also.

I’ve been running iOS 12 on all of my devices since the release, and I have no complaints. There’s a lot to like in iOS 12 — for instance, a more useful do-not-disturb function and a real-world measuring tool. So all things considered, I’m neutral on updating at the moment. As always, make a complete back-up and update at your own risk.

Macintosh, Mojave, OS 10.14 
Like any new OS, Mojave has received rants and raves. Some people have trouble installing it in the first place. There are issues with slow boot-up and performance, some apps not running, and a few privacy issues. A beta version addresses some of these issues, but there’s no word yet about the final release to the public.
Again, I would say I’m neutral on updating at this time. Bear in mind that thousands of people are running both new operating systems without any trouble. But if you’re in the ain’t broke, don’t fix it camp, you’ll probably want to wait.

Windows 10, version 1809
Some of the most common complaints include failure to install the update at all, broken audio, and post-update loss of network connectivity. But perhaps the most serious issue is that some users report missing files after they’ve updated.
Fortunately, this update is designed to download automatically but notautomatically install. Make sure that your system settings prevent updates from automatic installation. And check regularly for more updates.

I don’t feel qualified to make a recommendation about the Windows 10 update. So again I say Hold, unless issues and features in the new version overshadow the potential for problems.

I hope this information is helpful. I wish it were more certain. But if I could be that sure, I’d be one of the Motley Fools telling you where to invest your money.