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An amazing collection of links and suggestions from the website Creative Blog ( If you have any desire to explore your creative side as a beginner or pick up some tools to use as a professional designer, you’ll find things of interest here.

The 29 best iPhone apps for designers

The 29 best iPhone apps for designers  page 2:

The best free graphic design software

45 best photo apps and photo editing software
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Page 2: Best photo editing software:


The 14 best iPad apps for designers


13 iPad Pro apps that come alive with Apple Pencil


13 incredible tools for creating infographics


19 best painting and drawing apps for iPad


The best drawing tablet: our pick of the best graphics tablets in 2018


How to draw: the best drawing tutorials


75 best Adobe Illustrator tutorials:

Adobe Illustrator tutorials for beginner levels.

Adobe Illustrator tutorials for intermediate levels.

Adobe Illustrator tutorials for advanced levels.


10 sketching tips to help you make your first marks



75 best free fonts for designers

Serif fonts

Sans Serif fonts

Handwriting fonts

Vintage and Retro fonts

Brush fonts

Tattoo fonts

Graffiti fonts

Unusual fonts


How to choose the right drawing tools



How to become a better concept artist